Wednesday 21 September 2011


Watercolour and gouache on Fabriano hot pressed, 140lbs/300gsm; 115 x 85mm.

A highly, highly speculative (or almost entirely imaginary, depending on your point of view!) depiction of Kinnareemimus khonkaenensis.

I'm afraid it simply looks like a generic ornithomimosaur, given the extremely fragmentary remains we have of it. Its head is a vague approximation of something between Garudimimus, Harpymimus and generic ornithomimid. The plumage is inspired by a number of monals and other pheasants. I debated with myself for a while whether or not to add the crown feathers and eventually gave in to them, only to be informed by Marc (most politely, naturally) that 'ornithomimosaurs are probably too basal to have [those] complex, vaned feathers...' So there we are. None next time!

It's a very small piece (see dimensions above), so the full-view is over four times the size of the original. I swear I shall ruin my eyes before I am fifty. But let us hope I shan't live so long.

Slightly dark photograph with a penny for scale.

And if you were wondering what the actual mythological kinnaree looks like...


  1. What!? No comments on your beautiful painting?

    Gorgeous stuff Niroot. Lovely use of colour and line.

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