Friday 2 September 2011

An Airing

"An Airing Atop an Olorotitan"

I have to begin somewhere.  Let us suppose I'm taking an airing with this blogging lark too.

This drawing was begun during the tail end of 2010, and was completed on the evening of New Year's Eve, with the clock ringing in the New Year just as I began making the final touches.  So perhaps it is an auspicious piece enough with which to launch this blog.  It also happens to be a particular favourite of mine, of course.

So, onwards, shall we?


  1. this is pretty :)
    (also - hi :))

  2. I love this work so much. It's one of my two absolute favourites of yours. A mix of dinosaurs AND royalty. It just can't go wrong ;)

  3. I am very very excited to see you beginning a blog, Niroot. Your work is too good not to share it with the world!

    Prepare for traffic from ART Evolved - I've been a huge fan ever since your stunning pink dinosaur raptor! Looking forward to more here:)

  4. Thank you so much, everyone; and thank you, Peter!