Saturday, 10 September 2011

Deinonychus Pair

Sketchbook page.

I'm unable to tell how well this scan actually appears on screen.  I usually darken scans of my pencil work slightly as they tend to suffer from turning out too pale, but hadn't done so on this occasion.  My old and ailing computer has recently given up its internet connection altogether quite inexplicably.  I'm presently borrowing a laptop which may or may not have the contrast settings of its monitor too high, so that the pencil work as it now appears to me looks sufficiently dark, which may not in fact be the case.  


  1. it looks great. I know what you mean about pencils looking faded when scanned, but i'm viewing it on my laptop which tends to wash things out and it looks great. I'm guessing it will have more contrast on another computer, so I don't think you have anything to worry about.

  2. Oh joy, a new blog! Viewing your art is (as usual) sheer unadulterated bliss.

  3. Sorry I'm late with this reply, Ingunn, but thank you!