Wednesday, 8 August 2012


The series continues.

This one perhaps has a slightly personal tinge, for those who recall why.

I will need to introduce a label for the series, at this rate.


  1. I like how this 1 came out. It's my favorite of the series so far. A few questions/comments, though (in reference to both this post & the 1 in the link):

    How come the spines don't go down the entire length of the Diplodocus like they do in your other drawings?

    How did you find out what kind of dino you are? As far as I know, there's only 1 way to find out ( ). I seem to be a Plateosaurus, which makes sense, given that I too am a book-loving dimwit but less talented.

    If/when you do re-draw the NHM piece, you could draw the dinos to scale by drawing Marc's whole body on the right, Chris' head on the left, & your head & neck coming down from above.

    Is it saw to assume that, like the Triceratops claws, the lack of dimorphism in the 'Moulin Rex' Trio was an error you had yet to learn at the time?

    1. Call the spines a continuity error, if you will. :D Or perhaps this one only has a personal tinge insofar as it's a Diplodocus, but isn't necessarily me.

      Haha, actually, I've recently begun drawing Diplodocus with spines starting from just the hips rather than covering its entire length, and I seem to prefer it this way.

      I think I may have mentioned it in the other entry that I just started a thread called 'What Dinosaur are You?' on the DTF, and asked people to simply contribute. They may reason it however they like.

      I thought of that for the NHM piece too, but somehow it didn't seem as fun to draw it that way, so I just took a great liberty with scale instead.

      I didn't think much about dimorphism at the time of drawing the Moulin Rex trio, truth be told. Perhaps it was more fun to leave it non-specific too (garments notwithstanding).

    2. Also, I'm certain that you're far from being a dimwit. But I am glad to know that you're a Plateosaurus. :D

    3. Thanks for the kind words. :)

  2. In my previous comment, I said "saw", but I meant "safe".

  3. I think of this drawing every time my cousin comes to meet me..! U just can't get rid of some people.. :/

    I always thought I was an Apatosaurus but because I thought of them as gentle creatures. :)