Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Maiasaura Egg

An altogether far gentler interlude to the recent posts. 

I recently made this 'card' for a dear friend of mine to welcome her new baby daughter. 

A dinosaur egg, which, when the tabs at the base are pulled, opens to reveal...

...A little Maiasaura hatchling.

The wonderful Trish made my day when she first gave her characteristic response.  


  1. It's still the most adorable thing, so I stand by it.

  2. Hello P'Niroot :)
    Just want to drop a quick line to say AMAZING work as usual!I've been your secret follower for years but this one is just too cute, and as a dinosaur geek myself, I just have to pop in and give you a quick thumbs up! :))
    I know you probably get this millions time a day, but you really are an inspiration for many of us thai illustrator here in UK na krub. I cant count how many time when I feel like giving up, then I saw your beautiful pieces in folio books and I feel so encouraged! I would tell myself:"keep on drawing and one day I'll make it like him!" so thank you thank you thank you :) please keep up the good work!

    Oat Montien.

    ps. I recently became a writer for TCDC(Thailand creative and Design center) would you mind if I write a feature/interview about you? unfortunately I cant pay you money but may be I can give you the ticket to royal opera house show of your choice in return? (I've got connection there so it can be arranged!) anyhow, It would be great to meet you one day na krub! let me know na krub!