Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Mighty Handful

Bonus points and a whole steamer of bean buns for any reader who might have thought that I was referring to this five in the post title.

In a more serious follow-up to the last post, a group of Ornithomimus edmontonicus fend off a marauding young adult Albertosaurus sarcophagus by mobbing it.  You are free to imagine that there are at the very least half a dozen more beyound the picture frame, though I am quite ready to believe that a mere handful are more than capable of disconcerting a tyrannosaur in the right circumstances.  ;)  

I have now also remedied what I mentioned two posts ago about not having drawn an Albertosaurus before.  Hurrah.  Though I'm realising rather too late that I'd neglected to adorn it with more scutes, spiky bits, etc.  I may try to see if anything can be done about those at some point.  I may also have made the brow horns too pronounced and too allosaur-like.   Though mightn't there be something said for keratinous structures such as these being more sizeable than the skull shape alone might suggest?

 I'd also like to point out once again that DeviantArtist Pilsator has another version of his Gallimimus vs Tarbosaurus in progress.


  1. Looks good to me. Not all your tyrannosaurs have to have spiky bits!

  2. Thank you, Marc. No they don't, that's true. :)

    Fixed a few spelling errors (and a whole missed word, blast) in the paragraph before last. I could blame the lateness of the hour when I posted this, but WHY do I do that so often these days? Argh.