Monday 9 July 2012

The Hugs Bison

The Higgs boson is all very well. I think I should prefer the Hugs Bison, however.

Not a dinosaur, but this was received quite unexpectedly well elsewhere that I thought I may as well post it here, too. Besides, I rather think the readers of this blog would appreciate it at any rate.


  1. I prefer your name to Higgs! :D
    love the drawing well done!!

  2. Niroot, I don't know whether you feel like contributing to the forthcoming Arlog exhibition titled Alphabet Soup, but I would love] if you would. I know you intended to take part in the Maquette Exhibition, but somehow never got around to it. Anyway, this is not to nag you, but just give a gentle nudge (-;

    1. I'm sorry I took so long to reply, Clive. Yes, I'm afraid I sadly didn't make your Maquette Exhibition, but thank you so much for pointing out Alphabet Soup to me, I shall certainly be considering it!

  3. This is such a wonderful illustration!! I just love it.