Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Stefan Steps Down

As regular readers will have noted, often, the smallest seed of a picture will plant itself in my head from the vaguest of references, and I would find myself unable to resist realising it in illustrative form.

So it is with this drawing, which perhaps will only have any real significance for the members of the Dinosaur Toy Forum, but which I nevertheless hope will afford you a moment's visual entertainment.

Stefan (the Therizinosaurus), one of the long-standing members of the forum staff (and Dinosaur Toy Blog author), has decided to step down from the team. And although he still remains as a regular member on the forum, the news was a rather sad one. Here, the team says goodbye. They are, from left; Adam (Rhomaleosaurus -- who, by the way, is able to swim through the air much in the manner of the whales in the Pines of Rome sequence from Fantasia 2000), our forum admin and plesiosaur expert, whom you've encountered here before; Lisa (Coelophysis -- scaled up, because this is all in fun); Ashley (Amargasaurus); yours truly (Diplodocus) and Chris (Allosaurus), whom we also welcome as the newest recruit to the moderating team.

And here is an even larger copy of the image.


  1. I like how you now include a long-winded explanation of the floating plesiosaur following my teasing you about it.

    Still looks odd, though. ;)

    1. Haha, the explanation was first made a good while ago, in fact, ever since the 'Forum Migration' sketch. Though blog readers may be encountering this novelty for the first time, so I thought I ought to mention it.

    2. (Though you're right; that is long-winded. I'm awful for that.)

  2. Your art is incredibly good. It's so good that it's...well, it's almost repulsive. Almost. It's a funny feeling.

    I feel like I need to acquire an original.

  3. Even without getting the injokes it's an attractive (albeit odd) herd!