Friday, 27 January 2012

I want to acquire ankylosaur armour for a skin. But the nearest I come to such thickness is sadly the density of my brain.


  1. I don't think a series of large, bony scutes would do you many favours. You might get stared at in the street.

    However, spines sticking up from your shoulders might look pretty cool.

    1. I don't suppose they'd be much worse than the pits and eruptions I already sport on my face.

      Shoulder spines, hmm. Interesting.

      (I meant think-skinned in the metaphorical sense, of course, but you knew that.)

    2. Yes, I did. :P Cheer up there! We need to arrange this meeting with Joey. I owe you a meal (or two) at Pizza Express (or failing that, an inferior resturant) among other things..

    3. Indeed we do.

      I'm also going to badger you to take me to Ashdown forest and Tilgate park one day... ¬_¬

    4. We could do one (or even both) in one day. I can't do next weekend, but the weekend after's fine. Doesn't take you long to get the train down. Feel free to text/e-mail.